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The average person uses 1,200 tampons over a 5 year period, valued at over R2,000. Menstrual Cups can be worn for 8 hours straight and lasts for up to 5 years. It’s better for your pocket and better for the environment!

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Please ensure that you select the right sized cup to prevent leaking. To ensure you select the right sized cup, I would advise you to determine the height from your vaginal opening to the base of your cervix. Take one or two fingers, whichever is more comfortable for you, and place them softly inside your vagina until you can feel the base of your cervix with the tips of your finger/s. Remove and measure the distance with a tape measure. Select your ideal cup size by looking at the height.

Size A can hold around 15ml, is 42mm wide and 71mm in length including the stem. The stem itself is 17mm in length, but feel free to shorten it with sterilised scissors if it’s uncomfortable.

Generally speaking, Size A is better suited to those with a lighter flow and who are not yet sexually active.

• 1 Size A menstrual cup
• 1 steriliser
• 1 piggy bank that you can use to save all the money you would have spent on tampons and pads

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