Watermelon Gift Set


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How to use
Step 1
Treat: Apply our Bubble Gum Sugar Polish Scrub to unclog pores and minimise ingrown hairs, treat
Keratosis pilaris, and gently buff dead skin.

Step 2
Shave: Apply our Candy Floss Shaving Butter for a Silki smooth shave. This luxurious shaving butter
will help your razor glide easily so you get your smoothest, most effortless shave ever. Your legs will feel and look amazing.

Step 3
Glow: Grab a generous handful of our Candy Floss Butter Body Cream and apply it all over your body.
Whilst you’re getting your moisture on, repeat this affirmation, “I am obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in my own skin.”
Now you are silki soft and glowing.
Go on, take over the world.


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