No Grow Female Facial

No Grow Female Facial Hair targets fine (peach fuzz) and robust hair , but also offers a gentle formulation for delicate female facial skin. Women who have high testosterone levels are recommended to start with Female Facial hair and then move to Male Beard, accompanied by the Soothing Aftercare Gel after approximately 2 months of following the treatment protocol.

No Grow Female Facial Hair should not be applied into any mucous producing areas i.e. Inside the nostrils and ears. We suggest that No Grow should NOT be applied on the eyelid. We suggest that Vaseline is applied over these areas to protect them.

No Grow may be applied to:

Full face excluding the above areas

Recommended Application:
Ensure skin is clean (remove oils, sebum, make-up or creams from the skin)
Apply twice the thickness of a credit card on the area
Leave on for prescribed time
5-10 minutes
Remove excess with spatula
Rinse off with warm water
Do not apply anything over the treated area, unless skin is sensitive, then apply the
No Grow Aftercare Gel

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